Coconut Milk Powder

Coconut milk powder is a fine, white powder used in Southeast Asian and other cuisines. Coconut milk powder is manufactured through the spray drying process of raw unsweetened coconut cream and is reconstituted with water for use in recipes that call for coconut milk. Using coconut milk is not a cumbersome or time consuming process anymore for those who want to include this wholesome nut in their regular diet.

The spray dried coconut milk powder is now available in convenient and ready to use packs with same freshness of a fresh coconut milk. It has a longer shelf life and is convenient to use. This can be used in place of fresh coconut milk for food preparations / beverages in households and food industries by dissolving it in water Our pure, dairy and gluten-free premium Coconut Milk Powder is GMO-free and produced from freshly squeezed coconut milk. It contains approximately 65% coconut oil and retails much of the nutritional content of the raw coconut. Having no added flavors, it has a superb aroma and natural taste


Servings: 100 g

Calories   559
Sodium   100mg
Total fat   50g
Pottasium  500mg
Saturated   46g
Total Carbs   21mg
Polyunsaturated   0
Polyunsaturated   0
Sugar   3g
Trans   100mg
Protein   0
Cholesterol   0
Vitamin A   0%
Calcium   0%
Vitamin C   0%
Iron   0%

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